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Key West Pro Guides - Light Tackle - June 2020 Fishing Report
By: Capt. Paul Tryon

June Fishing Report 2020—For today's live action call 866 259 4205

Our KEY WEST Fishing Explodes in June!

During June we continue through a period of outstanding action, some of the best reef & wreck fishing action of the entire year. It's a time of exceptional fishing in general for Key West!

June Weather Averages:

Temperature—88/79 average

Rainy Days—11 on average

Wind Speed—9 mph average

Light Tackle/Reef & Wreck:

Our gentle June winds are typically light and refreshing, very welcome after the stiff breezes of May. Gone are the gusty days of April and May with them the rougher sea conditions. This is a much calmer time for the angler with concerns about rough sea conditions to head out to the nearer shore wreck sites as well. Grouper season is open to harvest so time to enjoy one of the best table fare species in salt water. The Snapper family continues to produce. The larger Mutton Snapper will continue to provide some exceptional days on the reef as they play out their spawning rituals now. Mutton spawn on or near the full moon (check out our Specialty Mutton Spawn Charters). Yellow Tails Snapper and cousin the Mangrove Snapper are plentiful and tasty nowadays and become the stars joining the Mutton and Grouper on the reef for table fare species to target! Our elusive Permit is always challenging but June & July is a peak action time for these prized sport fish. Cobia remain in numbers and provide action but are now out of the "excellent" range let's say more the "good range". Spanish and Cero Mackerel remain in the "good" range and can be counted on for fun with lighter tackle. The predator action with Barracuda and Sharks continues to be crazy good.

No more than 4 passengers recommended for the ultimate fishing experience-maximum 6 passengers per vessel. 6 passenger vessels are limited availability and it is understood when larger groups are aboard it may affect the experience. Remember light tackle boats operate without a deck-mate. Regardless of experience, talent or effort one pair of hands may assist only so many anglers timely. We do have six passenger licensed vessels in our fleet with guides willing to accommodate these larger parties. Rarely do conditions allow for more than four anglers to be fishing simultaneously.

No more than 4 passengers for all “Specialty Charters” (Shrimp Boats, Gulf Wrecks, Towers, Tortugas, Mutton Spawn)

Light Tackle Reef & Wreck …..Target Species:



Grouper…”Excellent” (season open to harvest)

Mangrove Snapper…”Excellent”

Mutton Snapper…”Excellent”

Yellow Tail Snapper…”Excellent”



Some “Pelagic Species” possible on Reef & Wreck trips:

Blackfin Tuna…”Good” Sailfish…”Fair” (Just beyond the reef on rare days)


This is a time of stable water temperatures and low winds so fishing conditions in general have settled. We still recommend fishing morning trips if going shallow as they remain the most productive over the later afternoon hours for the serious angler but again the afternoon trips are good. The PM half day trips have improved and can be quite enjoyable especially for those people just looking to stay in calm waters and enjoy a fun few hours catching fish but we do recommend the back country for the afternoon verses the flats. Reef trips in the afternoon fishing slightly deeper waters along with the patch reefs can be very good trips for later in the day departure times. Offshore anglers can fish full day trips comfortably now taking advantage of our well established weed lines. Sharks are plentiful and active. Pursuing these heavy weight monsters on light tackle is challenging to say the least and talk about something you cannot do at home!

Let's go Fishing! Call Key West Pro Guides today to book your charter 866 259 4205 daily 8 AM to 9 PM. Remember 2-4 weeks in advance is recommended for peak fishing season dates December through June. June is a busy month on our fishing calendar! Our legendary guide team is always in high demand. We look forward to your call!


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