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Key West Pro Guides - Light Tackle - November2019 Fishing Report
By: Capt. Paul Tryon

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November Light Tackle Fishing Report—For today's action call our "live line" at 866 259 4205

November arrives here with cooler temperatures and several newly arriving fish species to pursue on the reef and wrecks. Fantastic action for Key West angling continues through the fall time frame on the Atlantic natural reef and numerous isolated ship wreck sites both in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico fisheries. November is an awesome time to deep drop on the isolated wreck sites!

November is typically a time of light to medium winds however the waters on the reef are still calm as the reef sets just 5-6 miles off the land mass. This continues to be a good time for the angler with concerns about rough sea conditions to head out to the nearer shore wreck sites as well.

Amberjack fishing is entering a couple of months of outstanding action. AJ are schooling fish and grow large. AJ in our waters can reach nearly 100 pounds and few fish if any have the power and lasting fight of a big AJ. The prized Cobia action remains good. Cobia are sought after for their size, tenacity and as table fare. Sight casting to surface cruising Cobia is common and great fun. The excitement of watching several big Cobia rushing to the bait is something you will not forget soon. The Snapper family continues to produce well however November is not typically a great Mutton time. The Yellow-Tail and Mangrove numbers make up for the larger Mutton's absence most days. The Grouper family will usually not disappoint for November for the table fare anglers. Our elusive Permit will continue to cruise the more remote fishing grounds but will be slowing from a peak activity month in October. Always challenging, the Permit is an impressive sport fish and pursued by anglers from around the planet. It is not uncommon to find both Blackfin Tuna and Kingfish near the reef or cover of a remote ship wreck just now. November will still offer the angler banner days on the water! There is never a time anglers cannot count on predators around the reef and wrecks. Barracuda are countless and aggressive. Several species of the larger sharks patrol the reef in numbers and every deep ship wreck will hold a population of sharks. If you want the ultimate battle on light tackle, strap on a harness, grab the serious fishing rod and reel, drop a bait for sharks and hang on!

Again...a real bonus for the reef angler is the regular presence of some of the offshore pelagic species such as Kingfish. The Mackerel family is often times found foraging near wreck sites and are routinely taken near the reef areas. Black Fin Tuna can be found by deep trolling around deeper wrecks as well.

For November: Excellent-Good-Fair to Poor Amberjack-Excellent








Black Fin Tuna-Excellent

Kingfish-Excellent Let's go Fishing! Call Key West Pro Guides today to book your charter 866 259 4205 daily 8 AM to 9 PM. We look forward to your call!

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